Automobile Industry in India

The Indian automobile industry is the ninth largest in the world. Indian domestic automobile companies are Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra. Automobile industry trucks, buses, tractors, heavy vehicles like passenger cards and bikes are included.Indian automobile industry is the first car that was developed in 1898 in Mumbai. India today majorly contribute to the economy, is one of the key areas of the country. It directly and indirectly more than 10 million people in the country provides employment. Indian automobile industry globally established the world’s second largest in bikes market, fourth largest in the world in commercial vehicle market, and the eleventh largest passenger car market and it third largest car market likely to be the world behind only the U.S. and China.Economic growth in recent years with the development of the Indian middle class has resulted in a host of global auto companies, their feet set within Indian Territory. Also many foreign automobile companies in India competitive country for the cost of a manufacturing hub provides trained manpower. Indian as a potential market in other countries as far as the automobile industry has seen the stagnation of development relating to prove than most.A recent research conducted by global consultancy firm Deloitte, says that at least an Indian automobile company, the top six automobile companies that will dominate the car market by 2020 will feature the middle.Indian automobile industry after the economic recession last year proved to be in good shape. This renewed interest majorly global automobile players who consider the fact that Nissan Motors India was due to a potential market by being shown.As an authorized dealer and service station network is concerned, Maruti Suzuki is the most comprehensive. Other automobile companies are also rapidly progress in this area.Indian Automobile Export marketIndian small car market is very favorable for its production, sale or export. Indian Automobile Industry 240000 and 250000 per year after Hyundai and Nissan Motors to export small cars like the companies are the largest manufacturer. India, Asia’s fourth largest automobile Japan, South Korea and Thailand back emerged as the exporter. Indian automobile exports registered a 22.30 percent increase in 2009. Trend growth was as follows: two 32.31 percent, commercial vehicle – passenger cars grew by 19.10 percent.Key automobile manufactures in IndiaMaruti Udyog
General Motors
Ford India Limited
Eicher Motors
Bajaj Auto
Daewoo Motors india
Hero Motors
Hindustan Motors
Hyundai Motors India Limited
Royal Enfield Motors
TVS Motors
DC Designs
Swaraj Mazda Limited